# Quick Experience

# Registration

  • Visit the Muyan Low Code Platform at https://muyan.muyan.io.
  • Navigate to the registration page at https://muyan.muyan.io/account?scene=register.
  • Fill in your email address. A verification code will be sent to your email. Input the verification code to complete the registration process.

# Login

  • After successful registration, log in to your account using your credentials.

# Dashboard

  • Upon logging in, you will be directed to the dashboard. The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your activities on the platform.

# System Configuration

  • For system configuration, navigate to the 'System Configuration' menu. This menu allows you to define various aspects of the system such as:
    • Menus
    • Forms (Forms, Form Groups, Form Fields)
    • Dashboards (Dashboard Definitions, Dashboard Widgets)
    • Wizard (Definition, Wizard Step Definitions, Wizard Field Definition)
    • Dynamic Field Definition
    • Globalization Definition

# Development Menu

  • For development-related features, navigate to the 'Development' menu. This menu is designed to provide all the necessary tools and features for your development needs.

  • Under the 'Development' menu, you will find various features such as:

    • List of Domain Classes
    • Dynamic Logic List
    • Field Hooks
    • Object Hooks
    • Schedule Tasks
    • Dynamic Actions
    • Dynamic Reports
    • Dynamic Integration
    • System Swagger API List

# Support

Remember, the Muyan Low Code Platform is designed to make your development process smoother and more efficient. Explore the platform, utilize the tools, and enhance your coding experience.

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