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MuYan AI+ Low-Code Development Platform — MuYan Tech's AI Native low-code solution, using metadata-driven domain modeling and AI Native architecture as its core technology.

This platform allows developers to quickly build backend services for enterprise-level or B2C applications with extremely low manpower and time costs.

Main features of the platform:

  • Ultra-low-cost private deployment: Ensures the highest security and full compliance for sensitive data.
  • Deep customization support: Provides a flexible hook system, empowering developers to customize rich business logic.
  • High abstraction of data and logic: Self-bootstrapping construction method allows data to drive everything, accelerating logic configuration and iteration.
  • Native support for AI large models: Natively integrates AI large models, promoting the development of intelligent business logic.
  • Fusion development mode: Supports traditional development code as packaged plugins, achieving seamless integration with the platform.

While improving development efficiency, MuYan Low-Code Platform meets enterprises' pursuit of personalized business needs.

Applicable scenarios:

  • Enterprise management systems: Provides powerful internal management system building capabilities for large enterprises, supporting high customization and private deployment.
  • Vertical industry solutions: Suitable for resource-rich teams, developing systems such as knowledge management, contract management, data migration, approval processes, and industry-specific customized systems.
  • Enterprise information management: Individual developers or small teams can quickly provide enterprise-level information management solutions.
  • Consumer application backend: Rapidly deploy backend management systems for consumer applications, and accelerate service interaction through FAAS.

MuYan Low-Code Platform focuses on solving problems of low R&D efficiency, long delivery cycles, chaotic iterations, and unpredictable project progress. Through AI-enhanced intelligent product development, it significantly reduces costs, improves efficiency, and brings productivity innovation to various enterprises.

System Architecture Diagram
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