# Deploy to Local Quick Start Guide

Notice: if you would like to deploy to heroku, please check Deploy to Heroku

# Prerequisites


If you do not have permission to access our repo, the following commands will not be executed successfully.

# Installation

Execute the following command to install the all-in-one platform:

curl -s https://www.muyan.io/muyan.sh | bash

The all-in-one installer includes the following components and tools:

You can review the script content to understand its functionality.

Here is a basic overview of the installation process:

  1. Clone the platform repository to the ./platform folder
  2. Run Docker Compose to start all the containers

# Access

Please access the frontend via http://localhost:3000 (opens new window). It will automatically connect to the backend at http://localhost:8080.

Below is a list of ports for each component:

Component Port Connection Method
Frontend 3000 http://localhost:3000 (opens new window)
Backend 8080 http://localhost:8080 (Accessed via frontend)
Backend debug port 5050 Connect to localhost's 5050 port inside IDEA
Redis 6379 redis-cli
PostgreSQL 5432 psql -d application -h localhost -p 5432 -U postgres
PGAdmin 5433 http://localhost:5433 (opens new window)

Below is a list of default usernames and passwords for each component:

Component Username Password
PGAdmin [email protected] secret
Postgres postgres password
Backend admin user [email protected] password
Backend developer user [email protected] password

Below is the database connection information:

Username Password Database
postgres password application

# Docker Data Volume

Below is a list of Docker data volume paths for each component:

Component Path inside Docker Path on Host Machine Description
PostgreSQL /var/lib/postgresql/data ./runtime/database/data PostgreSQL Data Folder
PGAdmin /var/lib/pgadmin ./runtime/pgadmin/data PGAdmin Data Folder
PGAdmin /pgadmin4/config ./runtime/pgadmin/config PGAdmin Config Folder
PGAdmin /var/log/pgadmin ./runtime/pgadmin/log PGAdmin Log Folder
PGAdmin /var/lib/pgadmin/storage/db_muyan.cloud/pgpass ./runtime/pgadmin/pgpass PGAdmin pgpass File
Backend /root/workspace ./server Backend Code Workspace
Backend /root/attachments ./runtime/attachments Attachment Upload Save Folder

# Development

# Frontend

Our low-code platform utilizes a uniform frontend, eliminating the need for you to develop one yourself.

For any new frontend component requirements, please submit a feature request here (opens new window).

# Backend

For detailed instructions on backend development, please refer to 中文文档. The development document is currently being translated into English.

# Configurations

If you would like to enable AI feature, please refer to below screenshot for how to set OpenAI token

# Online Community

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